What is Intentional Peer Support?

Intentional Peer Support occurs when the Peer Supporter builds a peer-to-peer relationship with a consumer/patient/client through conversation and other collegial activities.  Through active listening and appropriate sharing of his/her own circumstances, journey and perspective, the Peer Supporter ‘walks with’ the consumer/patient/client for the duration of their relationship to support his/her journey toward recovery and wellness.  The objective of Intentional Peer Support is to provide a relational methodology for sharing a common experience by which ‘equals’ may help each other cope, thrive and flourish.  Such Peer Support is normally provided by a paid, accountable staff person who has been trained in the discipline.

Do I have to disclose my diagnosis?

No. It is up to the participant whether they disclose their diagnosis or not. We do not maintain files on any participants. You are welcome to come and go as you wish as long as you follow our agency and site policies and procedures.

What activities are offered at the Program Sites?

Each site distinguishes their priorities regarding activities through the collaboration of staff and participants. Some activities are staff driven, some are participant driven, and some are individual driven but all with an ever changing landscape of options and some seasonal themes.  Some activities which are organized by the participants include:  Wii Video Games, Movies, Cards, Mandelas, and various groups geared towards wellness and recovery.  There are games, craft supplies and other resources available at all times for participants to utilize at any time, not only when on the Centre calendar.

What are the Hours of Operation?

Each site has its own hours of operation. Click on the Centre’s individual page for that locations specific hours of operation.

Is there a membership?

There is no membership to use the programs. Anyone who has experiences with mental illness or addictions is welcome, as well as anyone wanting to engage in intentional Peer Support.

If you have additional questions please contact the site nearest you or the Coordinating Centre at 613-969-0122.

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