Providing Peer Support

Peer Support, Recovery and Being Well

Peer Support is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care through the South East Local Health Integration Network. Our agency provides support and services within South East Ontario to people who are experiencing addiction and/or Mental Health issues and seeking Peer Support as a ways and means of managing and working toward being well. All of our staff are Certified in the practices and delivery of Peer Support as per the OPDI Peer Support CORE ESSENTIAL PROGRAM and Certified Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Facilitators through the Copeland Centre for Wellness and Recovery.

*for information specific to the United States Based organization Intentional Peer Support, founded by Shery Mead click here

Peer Support Described – VIDEO

Recovery opportunities available on site through:

  • Providing intentional/deliberate Peer Support, with local community Peers and Certified Peer Support Staff
  • Wellness Recovery Action Planning groups and activities
  • Social and Recreational Opportunities
  • Various Groups and Activities
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Resources/Computer Access
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Nutritional Lunch Program

Please visit the Support Centres Calendars drop down tab at the top of the page to see what specific groups are available at each location.

Our guiding principles are:

  • To represent and respect the input from those who access Peer Support.
  • To be adaptable to the needs of  the communities within South East Ontario.
  • To empower people who are experiencing addiction and/or Mental Health issues at all levels of the organization
  • To provide equal access to services, inclusive of French language services.
  • To operate in a transparent fashion.

Our core purpose and values:

“inspiring hope and wellness through intentional Peer Support”


We endure every situation, demonstrating self-control and staying calm in the face of frustration.


We strive to understand another person’s perspective or circumstance whether we agree with this person or not.


We see others through their strengths and use our commitment to energize, engage and inspire.


We encourage staff to take initiative and give their best by adopting an error-embracing environment to empower staff to lead and make decisions.


We inspire the people we serve and work with to be the best they can be.


We treat others the way we want to be treated.


We strive to understand each person’s situation and provide practical and emotional support as appropriate.

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