Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to attend any of our Peer Support Centres. A referral for Community Peer Support is required, as we have limited space and need to ensure the program is properly explained.. The Transitional Discharge Model program is available for anyone being discharged from our partner hospitals.

Do I have to disclose my diagnosis?

No. It is up to the Peer whether they disclose their diagnosis or not. We do not maintain files on any Peers. PSSEO asks that you participate within the expectations laid out in our Code of Conduct.

Can I be involved in multiple services at the same time?

Due to demand, Peers are only able to be participating in one service at a time. For example, you are unable to take part in Community Peer Support and utilize a Peer Support Centre simultaneously.

Are there any fees for services?

There are no fees for services. This includes free lunch, laundry, coffee, computer/internet.


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