Please read and listen to what some of our participants have to say:

Story of My Life – VIDEO

“I have enjoyed 40 minutes to fabulous. It is fun and excellent. I think that it’s a great way to make up for how I treated my body this last year. Now that I am out of my deep depression, it’s important. I hope to lose weight. Anyone can do the exercises and enjoy themselves, if they set their mind to it. Although I have been achy and sweaty, I think it’s worth it! The change I’ve seen in myself is that I’m a little slimmer in the stomach area. I hope this encourages everyone to participate in 40 Minutes to Fabulous”

Amanda – Madoc

“I’ve been in and out of jail for ¾ of my life. I have lived my life on the defensive, attacking others both verbally and physically before they could hurt me.  I heard about Anger Management at New Beginnings and decided to join it. The group has been great for me, I have learned that is okay if people don’t like me. I don’t have to prove to anyone that I am tough. I am finding I can discuss issues calmly rather than yell and call people nasty names. I am looking forward to finding the real me and finishing Anger Management.

I can live a calmer happier life with my wife of 23 years who is enjoying her ‘new’ husband”

Larry – Trenton

“I came to the Centre because I was very sick, suffering from Bi-polar and needed help.  In the Centre I have met other people and learned how to speak to others using ‘I feel’ statements, not to judge others’ lives and to live life to the fullest.”

Terri-Lynn – Belleville

“At the Centre I enjoy the folks that come, cards, crafts, speakers and other activities.  I have become more social and eat better as I now I have lunch at the Centre daily.”

Brenda – Bancroft

“The Centre is an outing and chance to meet people who have the same as I have.  You can come and go and have great food.”

Anonymous – Anonymous

“I came to the Centre because it was a place that started to help me to heal; I continue to come because I have made friends and helped some of the other people here. The Centre has helped me by giving me the right people to talk to and helped to find other places to go.  If it wasn’t for the Belleville Freedom Support Centre I would have been dead or on the street.”

Anonymous – Belleville

“I come to the Centre because I need to get out and meet people.  When I come down here I can be myself, I can be a friend to other people who may also need help.  The food is healthy and tasty, everyone makes you feel welcome.”

Denise – Trenton

“I have fun at the Centre with friends and staff; it has helped me to be open to myself.”

Anonymous – Belleville

“At one of the lowest points in my life I was waiting to attend an inpatient program and was told not to isolate myself while I waiting for the call that a space had become available. I took the advice and when I walked into the Freedom Support Centre I proclaimed ‘this is me not isolating’ and told people that I tend to cling and it can drive people away.  I was told it is ok for me to just be me. The Peer Support Staff are vital as they have been through tough times as well.”

Karen – Belleville

“By coming to the Centre I have met a new family, having someone to talk to when you don’t is great and to know people truly care about one another.  The Staff are ready to talk to you at any time.  I have received support several times when issues have come up for me.”


“The Centre has helped with my anxiety and anger.  I come to meet new friends, socialize and to help me better understand other people.  I like crafts and being with other people the best.”


“I feel welcome, it is a place I can de-stress, and I feel safe.  The Centre has helped me to become more active, not feel alone, and more empowered.”

Loretta – Trenton

“Years ago I came to the Centre more for a quick coffee…Now I am slowly entering another addition to my journey – to let go of the past and walk a new path in life.  I am aiming to become more perfect rather than being perfect.  The Centre helped me to understand that it is ok to share my feelings and emotions – to take part and allow me to simply be me without judgment, through this I am getting to be more open.”

Joe – Belleville

“This Centre is the best place to come.  I need to come.  The social life is what i need and i feel lonely when i am not here.”

Janette – Madoc

“Three years ago i arrived at the Peers of the Round Table Kingston Support Centre, I didnt know if i would fit in…but, I did!  i know offer my help to the Centre as the Participant Representative and have received the Ted Fielding Award for my commitment to Peer Support.”

Melanie – Kingston

“I started attending the Centre years ago with a friend, it started out that i was going because i needed somewhere to go, but then i found i began to depend on it.  I have multiple mental health diagnosis’ and suffer from major addiction issues that i am now in recovery of.  It has been a long and hard road and continues to be, but with the help and support i receive form the Centre I beleive I can be a better person for myself and for my family.”

Brittany – Trenton

“I came by the Centre last year to have something faxed, the staff showed me some of the services they offered like the washer and dryer, lunch program (which is excelent), use of a computer or watch TV and talk with other people.”

Anonymous – Trenton

“When I am stressed or depressed, Three Doors Down helps me cope and manage both of these.  With positive self-affirmations, I have been able to change some of my negative thoughts to positive ones.  My buddy and I share the computer together.  I have learned things i would not have learned without him.  Also, thanks to Deb and Rob for their support and leadership.  Three Doors Down has and affordable lunch program and the food is great, coffee is free.  I enjoy doing odd jobs at the Centre, for the Centre and my new friends I have met since I have been coming here.  I do crafts, like drawing and clay work and for real fun we play BINGO!!! Just about forgot Wii weigh-in Mondays.  Whooooooooo!!!!! Hhhooooooooo!!!”

Josiah – Picton

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